About Us

The sacred institution of dibbs originated during the Paleolithic era. Cavemen or Neanderthals used the dibbs as a means to reduce fatal conflicts over mates, food, shelter, etc.
The institution of dibbs prevented pointless deaths by providing a universally acknowledged rule. If person or persons are competing for the same object, goal etc, the first person to call dibbs gets total sovereignty with respect to the objects/goals in dispute. This institution is the secret to the success of the human race and has been respected for over 5000 years.

In life calling Dibbs before anyone else, gets you the things which you want, and that's exactly what Dibbs Clothing gives you. The chance to create a garment that is totally as you want it down to the smallest detail. 

Dibbs Clothing Is a clothing brand based in Liverpool, England. It is our aim to produce totally unique garments for everyone who wears them and that aim has not changed since starting out in 2008. 

Along with our own range of designs, we work closely with customers around the world to create items which enable them to show off their own style.