The Dibbs brand started in 2008 by a group of mates who were becoming fed up with feeling like they needed a degree in order to buy a T-shirt. Trying to decide if to go for slim fit, muscle fit, oversized, baggy, super skinny, modern fit or the million other terms created by bloggers in their mums spare bedroom. So how did we combat this? we sourced our own well fitting good quality blank t-shirts and designed them ourselves.


Armed only with a creative mind and a love of music we quickly realised that the designs we were coming up with actually appealed to a lot more people than our circle of friends.

Fast forward 10 years and our classic fit tees and hoodies cut through the bullshit and concentrate on quality and comfort over 15 minute fashion hype. Eliminating the need for guess work we create exceptional quality T-shirts and Hoodies the way they were meant to be worn to be comfy and fit.